Sunrise on The Giant

Giant Sun GFASunrise on Sleeping Giant

Chances are if you have flown in from the mainland you will be up before the sunrises!  Why not take advantage of that and join us on this special hike that is 3.77 miles distance roundtrip.

You will be led in the dark through a forest and up trails of Mt. Nou Nou as the outlines of surrounding mountain ranges come into view.  We will summit in time to see the sun come up over the Pacific Ocean!  Not to mention the stunning 00 degree panoramic views of the island.

We provide all the equipment you need, head lamps, light packs, water and start your adventure with fresh brewed Kaua'i coffee!

Dining on top of the Giant with homemade pastries and local fruit and juice, this is the perfect way to start your day!

This is a moderate hike and you need to wear tennis shoes or hiking shoes, NO flip flops please!

As always your adventure will be photographed and a special time lapse of the days sunrise is included!
Sunrise on Sleeping Giant

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